The alienation of my son, Sam (#005)

I was still totally unaware that I would not see my son for a very long time. I dropped him off at the pre-school on Monday, 26 October 2015 … and the agreement was that I would pick him up later in the week. In this same time, Evil Anne opened a case of sexual molestation against me. Remember, she did the very same thing to her ex-husband a few years before that. Now it was my turn. I was still looking forward to see my son later in the week and had no idea what Evil Anne was up to.

Even during the period that she was opening a case of sexual molestation against me, she contacted me in a very friendly manner to try to manipulate me into paying one of her accounts. She also asked for money. In fact, she asked for money on the very same day that she opened the case against me. Now if you know Evil Anne, you will understand that she would have done no such thing if she truly believed I molested Sam. There was simply no way, given her aggressive and out of control personality. Her friendly behaviour made it very clear what the true situation was. This was an evil opportunist at work.

As per our agreement, I went to the pre-school to pick Sam up later in the week, only to be told that he was not there. This frustrated me, because it had become a pattern over the preceding weeks that Evil Anne would forget all about our arrangements. I drove to her place of residence and also tried to call her numerous times. She simply was nowhere to be found. Instead, a strange number called me … and that’s when I instinctively knew what she had done even before I took the call.

I took the call and a certain Constable Venter (real name … yes, let’s name and shame these idiots) was on the other end of the line. She told me that a case was opened against me and that I could not see my son, but that she wanted to see me the following day. I refused and demanded to see her right away. After a bit of back and forth, she eventually agreed to meet me.

The first thing I told this Constable Venter, was to demand that she put me on a lie detector test right away. I had nothing to hide. To my utter surprise, I was told that South African law does not recognise lie detector tests. Obviously because the people in South Africa had such brilliant minds (far from it) that they could manipulate these tests … something no American can obviously do … because lie detector tests are accepted in court in the States. Or can we safely assume that the people who has to do these tests in South Africa are simply incompetent? Sounds about right….

The second thing I told this village idiot, was to bring my son before me without delay and see how he reacted. I told her that he would cling to me and would not want to go back to his mother. Now in a sensible system, this would have happened. End of story right there. Evil Anne would have been exposed then and there. Not in South Africa. You see, Evil Anne had spoken the magic words:

“He molested my son.”

These idiots were programmed to immediately believe her story and to assist her in alienating a loving father from his adoring child. The system had trained this person to immediately assume that it would be in the best interests of the child to alienate him from his father, just because a crazy and evil person had uttered the magic words.

Those magic words rendered the police and state prosecuting system into immediate robots incapable of clear and rational thought. The moment those words get said, these people become feelingless robots.

Just like that, Evil Anne had found the perfect partner in crime … THE SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES. Their robotically programmed employee (Constable Venter) then played a pivotal role in assisting Evil Anne in the alienation of father and son. In addition, another village idiot, called Advocate Le Roux (State Prosecutor), gave them the legal support to pull their evil agenda off. Evil Anne referred to Adv. Le Roux as being a personal friend of hers in a voice message that was sent to a very good friend of mine (in my possession). Now that’s curious! While they went home to their loving families every evening, Sam and my lives were completely destroyed due to their actions. Can I tell you how it feels to have a child ripped from your life? No words can explain what I went through. It would have been easier to deal with if Sam had just died. I was a zombie for four months. I could not work or do anything. I just breathed. Each breath hurt, like hell. My beautiful little boy was ripped away from me. I struggled to cope.

My daughter would call Advocate Le Roux to get her to give the go-ahead that I can see my son, when she would ask the numbing and shocking question: “Why does he want to see Sam?” You see, those magic words spoken by Evil Anne had turned these people into robots with absolutely no feeling. No ability to think. They only repeated what they were trained to say. What clear thinking and rational person would ask why a parent would want to see his/her own child? What kind of a monster would reason like this? Yet, she would go home to her own children every night as if only she has the ability and the right to love her children. I was numb with shock and trauma, when I realised how much these people were invested in Evil Anne’s evil agenda.

Yes, I have zero respect for the SAPS Child Protection Services and the Prosecuting Authority in South Africa. They robbed me of a child … and they robbed my son of a loving father. They did not do their job, full stop. If they had any idea what they were doing, Sam and I would have been reunited with each other within a week after Evil Anne played her evil card. I would be grateful if these people read my blogs. Hopefully, this will assist in preventing them from doing the same to other parents and their children. I am certainly going to make sure that all the right people read my blogs. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they came after me? Either way, they will be exposed.

As already mentioned, these people should have done one simple test. They should just have brought Sam to my house and see how he reacts. He would have been excited out of his mind and would have refused to leave again. He would have clung to me and he would have cried hysterically if he had to leave me.

So simple.

Did they do it?


These brillant minds could not think that far. Even after I had asked them to do so, they still didn’t do it. They were robots, incapable of clear and rational thought. They had all the power and resources, but zero brains. Instead, they chose to blindly believe Evil Anne and to side with her. They became the perfect partner in crime for her.

South African Police Child Protection Services … please take a bow. You alienated a loving father and son from each other. Well done to you. After all, the best interest of the child is all that matters … or so you repeat, like parrots. The truth is that you do not act in the best interest of the child … definitely not in my case.

The second thing these idiots should have done, was to treat both parents the same way. They should have looked at Evil Anne as much as they were looking at me. They should have looked at who the person was that was making the accusations. Isn’t that something which should automatically happen in a sensible, logical and rational system? Would that not be acting in the best interest of a child? Yes, indeed. But remember, we are in South Africa. The system and the government employees are anything but sensible, logical and rational. The average level of intelligence is also lower than the average in the world. Get my drift? Yes, we are dealing with true idiots here.

At one stage, I sent Constable Venter a text message in which I enquired about the progress in my case. In my mind, the accusations were so ridiculous and laughable that they should have known after only a few days that Evil Anne was abusing the system to get them to assist in alienating my son from me. I told this detective that I am desperate to be reunited with my son and that I cannot see why they were dragging their feet, like they were. Now, let me tell you how this feelingless robot reacted to my enquiry:

“Don’t make your problem mine.”

Just like that.

I looked at my phone in horror. I could not believe what I was reading.

I will never forget those words for as long as I live. A knife through my heart would have been less painful and traumatic. That was the moment when I realised that the Police and Prosecuting authority were totally invested in Evil Anne’s evil agenda … and that they were not going to do much to expose the truth. I think they would rather have framed me. That’s how invested they were in Evil Anne’s agenda. Evil Anne is a master manipulator after all.

Another thing, these brilliant minds did not even attempt to do, was to interview me. Apart from the first very short, informative meeting, I did not see them or hear from them again. Yes, correct. They just told me to stay away from my child and then they simply disappeared. What a brilliant police force and prosecuting system.

So much for their motto, “it’s all about the best interest of the child.”

The best interest of the child would only have been served if these idiots looked at Evil Anne with equal suspicion as they did me. The best interest of the child would only have been served if they didn’t blindly believe Evil Anne after she spoke the magic words, which turned them into feelingless robots, incapable of clear and logical thought. Surely the best interest of a child would only have been looked after if their first action was to prevent evil criminals like Evil Anne to abuse the system … after all, this kind of thing happens regularly all over the world. Now, if you are aware that these things happens regularly and you still blindly embrace the same system of alienating loving parents from their children, then really, there are no other words for you than “incompetent and useless idiots.”

How is it in the best interest of a child to assist in alienating that child from a loving parent when you are fully aware that parents regularly make themselves guilty of the same criminal behaviour? This should surely have been the first thing they should have checked into and eliminated from their checklist.

How fucking stupid are they?

How can they call themselves a police service … or rather a SAPS Child Protection Service? How can they call themselves a public prosecuting unit? How can they call themselves a service to a nation? They are an embarrassment … not a service. How can they go on live radio and mislead all the listeners in their sweet and soppy voices to believe that they are heroes who protects innocent children? The truth is, they might be doing a good job in some cases, but in my case (and many other cases which I have read about), they have assisted an evil criminal in alienating her son from his loving father. They are equally as guilty as she is. They are equally as guilty of a criminal offence as she is … and should be prosecuted with her. Full stop.

On 22 November 2015, Evil Anne posted photos on social media, placing them in Somerset West during the week … not over a weekend. Now remember, she had made plans long before accusing me of molestation to relocate to Cape Town. With me out of the way, she was now actively pursuing the next step in her evil agenda … to move far away from me … just like her father and stepmother did to alienate her from her mother all those years ago.

Monkey see … monkey do.

During the week of 25 December 2015, she again posted photographic evidence of them in Cape Town … the second time within just a thirty day period. Now this is very unusual for Evil Anne to travel around that much. I only discovered these posts much later. At that stage, I wasn’t even aware of this … if I did see the posts, I would have immediately realised what she was up to. Yet, I was sadly uninformed and ignorant. I was so uninformed about the situation – which happened with the full blessing of Advocate Linda le Roux – that I continued to pay Sam’s school fees in Port Elizabeth long after they had already relocated to Cape Town. Nobody did the decent thing and tell me about it … not even those professing that they were acting in the best interest of the child. Although she needed my signature to enrol Sam into a new school in Cape Town, she again – fraudulently – managed to do just that. Yes, this criminal knew how to manipulate the system to serve her evil agenda. She played them like puppets.

During March 2016, I had enough of not hearing or seeing anything from the SAPS. In the four months since the case was opened, they had not contacted me once … and they had not taken a statement from me. It was obvious that the case had been shelved and they had forgotten all about “the best interest of the child,” as they would so glowingly repeat like parrots. To them, the best interest of a child means to alienate a child from his parent, with zero reason or evidence to support their actions. I decided to confront them … so, I marched right into their offices and did just that. To my very surprise the Captain who dealt with me, then told me that my daughter was now also being implicated (although Evil Anne and my son had already relocated to Cape Town, which I still didn’t know about at that stage). I sat right in front of that dude, and it didn’t cross his mind to tell me that my child was no longer in Port Elizabeth. The situation was so ridiculous and laughable, that I could almost not look at the dude with a straight face. There was mention of my daughter and I being incestuous lovers.

I kid you not.

The shocking part, was that this clown seemed as if he was eating these wild accusations up like it was chocolate cake … or alcohol. Yes alcohol, he is in the SAPS Child Protection Services after all. They have to be a bunch of drunks to believe all the crap they were being fed by Evil Anne, without even once thinking to rather look at who is making all these wild and wonderful accusations.

Despite receiving a report from the Social Worker whom evaluated my son, Sam, on 14 March 2016, the SAPS Child Protection Services still blindly clung to the robotic decision they made to support Evil Anne. The report found that the sexual molestation accusations were not credible and dismissed it. Now, at that stage they had no physical evidence and no social worker’s report to support Evil Anne’s claims. In fact, they had NOTHING … ZERO … FUCK ALL. Yet – incredibly – they still supported Evil Anne in her evil agenda. Now what does this tell you about these people who claim they act in the best interest of the child? Yes, correct … they all should be fired and charged for assisting a criminal in her evil agenda.

That’s the bottom line: they had nothing to support any of these claims. They did not even taken a statement from me. All they went on, was Evil Anne’s word.

Yes, I am going to sue these criminals.

I was only informed in April 2016 that my son was long gone from Port Elizabeth. I was shocked to my very core. I simply could not believe what I was hearing. The worst is that neither the police, nor Evil Anne informed me. My ex wife was the one whom informed me. She just packed up and moved to Cape Town with the police and state prosecutor’s blessing. All of this is of course in the best interest of the child, I assume? The words “fucked up” comes to mind.

Despite knowing from 14 March 2016 that they had nothing to support Evil Anne’s claims, the brilliant SAPS Child Protection Services still kept my son Sam and I apart from each other. They really made sure that they gave Evil Anne sufficient time to brainwash and coach Sam against me. They wanted to make sure that the alienation had the best chance of success. Yes, I am being sarcastic….

I was only cleared by Adv. Linda le Roux on 17 August 2016 to go ahead and contact my son and arrange visitation with him. This was only done after I – again – marched into their offices and confronted them. This time, someone actually usefull assisted me and saw to it that the nonsense ended right there and then.

See what happened here?

From 29 November 2015 to 17 August 2016, I heard nothing from the SAPS Child Protection Services. Nothing. They did not contact me once. They didn’t take a statement from me. Nothing. I was the one who marched into their offices in March 2016 and also in August 2016 to confront them. Now, let me tell you what would have happened if I didn’t confront them. They would never have contacted me, like they promised to do. The file would have been thrown into a corner where it would have gathered dust. The best interest of the child is the last thing on their minds. They simply bought into Evil Anne’s passionate claims and turned into idiotic and feelingless robots who supported her every step of the way in her evil agenda to alienate father and son from each other.

Ok, lets end this on a good note … at least I was now cleared to see my son.

It seemed our nightmare was at an end and Evil Anne was going to pay for her actions.

Little did I know what a long, hard and costly struggle it was going to be to see that justice would be done for Sam and I.


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