How manifestation magically transformed my life.

At the start of 2014 my life was in shambles. I hit rock bottom and things were only getting worse by the day. My own decisions, choices and actions created my reality. I acknowledged that fact. I was probably my own worst enemy … something like a Mike Tyson. Like Iron Mike, I am a person blessed with many talents and the X-factor, yet I always found a way to trip myself up. If only I was able to focus, do what must be done and express myself through my many talents. All the good things in life would have followed automatically. I knew that. Instead, I was responsible for derailing myself with frustrating regularity. I think part of the problem was that I knew I possessed the power to achieve whatever I wanted to in surprisingly short periods of time. That knowledge made me careless, arrogant and nonchalant.

I had to accept that talent is of no use unless you actually put in the daily hard yards towards your goals. I needed to learn and accept to take care of the basics.

What astounded me was how the average blue collar worker could chip away daily for many years and end up in quite a comfortable situation in their forties or fifties. They simply committed to do the basics every single day. They chose a career … went to work every day … and chipped away at that same dull routine every single day for many years. Now that was something I had neglected to do. Committing to the basics over a period of time was a problem for me. Being stuck in a dull daily routine, wasn’t for me. I am a free spirit who lives life by my own rules. I could never commit to go to work … earn a steady salary … come home in traffic … only see my kids at night … eat … watch tv … go to sleep … repeat for many years.

For that reason, I have been flying solo since January 1994 when I founded my own architectural practice. The problem, however, remained that I struggled to work in a disciplined and structured manner. Work was something that interfered with other things I would rather be doing. I basically only worked when I really was forced to do so. Deadlines meant nothing to me. The result was that I was seen as a highly competent and gifted person, who was totally undependable and unreliable. As luck would have it, I could get away with my antics because some clients would rather put up with my nonsense than settle for someone with average abilities. I regularly heard comments, like:

“It is a struggle to get you working, but when you do, you are next level brilliant.”


“If I had your abilities, I would have been a multi-millionare by now.”

Yes, I knew I had the X-factor.

Yet, I was caught in a downhill spiral. I was simply not progressing in life as I should have been. I was my own worst enemy. It was a bit embarrassing at times.

The good thing was that my lack of progress in life, was not due to destructive habits, like alcohol or drug abuse. In fact, I have never been a smoker or a drinker. I never felt the need to experiment with drugs. I simply lacked that destructive gene. Smoking, drinking and drugs made zero sense to me. I also wasn’t into parties, clubs or bars. I was always the one who would be safely in bed by 10pm even on weekend nights. I preferred being snuggled up in bed with a book, than to be out at social gatherings after 10pm at night. Given all of this, I really had it all going for me … I simply had to get my shit together.

The one bad habit I did have, was to constantly associate myself with the wrong women. The choices I made in my desperation to find love, simply created lots of drama and destruction in my life. The financial implications and instability created by this bad habit, was cause for concern. I went in and out of relationships far too soon and far too often. When one was over, I simply moved on to the next one. There was always another one waiting for the opportunity to date me. I cannot remember that one woman ever left me … I left them all. Some of them, created chaos and destruction in my life.

Again, I was to blame.

I chose them. I associated myself with them.

I knew exactly what I wanted in a woman, but I simply wasn’t willing to wait patiently for my dream woman to walk into my life. Being single was not very appealing to me. Instead, I associated myself with the wrong women, which – inevitably – pushed the arrival of my dream woman away into the distance. Some of these women were very good and solid people, but I knew they were not what I was looking for … yet I still dated them … only to leave them heartbroken a few months later. Stupid, very stupid.

I was just asking for my life to go nowhere fast.

So by 2014, I began to understand that it was in my hands – and my hands only – to make the required changes in my life. I knew I had to change my daily rituals, mindset, decisions and actions if I wanted to see change. I knew my actions and daily rituals had to support the goals I had in life. For example, it was no use that I dreamt of having a certain type of woman by my side, but then I contradicted that dream by dating people who totally didn’t fit into that mould. How contradicitve….

I was sending out contradictive and confusing messages to the Universe.

I had to learn to line up my daily actions, rituals, thoughts and decisions with what I wanted to manifest or materialise in my life.

This was where my life became truly magical.

The first step was to acknowledge what was wrong in my life. I had to identify where I was and where I wanted to be … so I made a list. After a few days of thinking about my life and identifying what was wrong and where I wanted to be, I had compiled a good list, covering every area of my life.

Let me tell you the trick right here:

I knew what was wrong, but I didn’t focus on the negativity, i.e. what was wrong and why. I only focused on where I wanted to be in each of the departments that needed change. So I didn’t focus on this is wrong and that is wrong … all I did was to see myself where I wanted to be in each of those “broken” areas. I focused on the end result only.

From that moment onwards, 6pm to 7pm each day became my sacred manifestation time. I would exercise from 5pm to 6pm and then go for a walk from 6pm to 7pm (sometimes in bitterly cold and rainy conditions). As I was walking, I would repeat my wishlist (or orders) to the Universe … and then say thank you for them as if I had already received them. I would do this daily, without fail. I became so excited about the future I was creating in my mind for myself, that my walks would become brisk and energetic. I psyched myself up so much that I had a real spring in my step. By reinforcing and repeating my wishlist to the Universe every single day, it became ingrained in my mind and being. I lived my life in support of those lists.

What happened then was that the wishlist became so ingrained in my mind that I would be reminded of it when I was either about to do something contradicting a goal or when I recognised the opportunity to take a step towards that particular goal.

In addition to putting out my wishlist into the Universe, I also learned to express gratitude every single day. I expressed gratitude for even the smallest things, like being able to walk around the neighbourhood. Even during the worst days in my life, I learned to feel excited about something and to express gratitude for it.

Here is my first ever wishlist and the status of each goal:

Order #1: I earn an average of R50k per month.

Now, at that stage I was struggling financially. I was basically telling the Universe that I wanted to double my income. If you understand in what a deep and dark pit I found myself, you would appreciate how stupid this order to the Universe was. There was no immediate prospect for me to achieve this goal. I did not have the clients nor the projects to justify such an income. There was nothing in the pipeline to give me the idea that my income would increase as requested.

Yet, I put the order out there every afternoon on my walks … and I visualised how good life would be with that extra income. I felt how prosperous and easy our lives would be. It was such a great feeling to live so stress free.

I continued to place that order for about fifteen months, without seeing any drastic change in my income … yet I firmly believed I would get what I had requested from the Universe. The more time went by, the more firmly I believed the goal was about to come true.

Now, you must understand that I didn’t sit back and wait for the money to flow in. What I did was to do all the projects that came my way with a passion. I really made sure that my energy flowed into my work. When I worked, I worked hard and productively … and I always made sure that I did a great job, however small the project was.

And sure enough….

As time went by – relying only on word of mouth – I got more clients and more projects. My income got better and better … until I reached the average monthly income I had only been dreaming of up until then. From then on, R50k per month became very easy to achieve. Something that was so far away from reach became my new normal.

From then, I adapted that goal every year to a new previously unachieved average income. I have achieved every single one of those financial goals. Once I reached a new level of income, that income level suddenly became easy to achieve and maintain.

I did have some setbacks, however. In 2019, I suddenly had a very bad year after my best ever year by far in 2018. No matter how hard I worked and how focused I was, there simply was a block on my income. It was not happening. I was struggling.

You know what I did then?

Never once did I complain. I appreciated every cent that came my way, even though I was struggling. I appreciated every client and every project. I expressed my gratitude with absolute delight. I simply continued to visualise myself making even more money than ever before … every afternoon on my walks, without fail. I didn’t understand what was happening and it didn’t make any sense, but I never said one negative word. I did not complain. I did not ask why. I remained positive and believed without a doubt that once the drought had ended, I would prosper beyond my wildest imagination.

It happened exactly like that.

How magic is that?

Order #2: I own a second hand Audi A3 Sedan.

This was a ridiculous order to the Universe. I was struggling to pay the Peugeot 207 I was driving. I was not credit worthy. My income was so low that we could only look after our basic needs. I very often did not have petrol in my Peugeot, yet I ordered a luxury car from the Universe. How stupid and delusional is that?

Yet, I repeated that order every afternoon and saw myself looking down at those four rings on the steering wheel as I was driving my Audi. It felt so good. The sense of achievement gave me goosebumps. There was absolutely no way for me to understand or foresee how I could achieve this goal. There simply was no way … yet I believed it would happen.

In April 2017, the unimaginable happened.

At that stage, I had been visualising myself driving a second hand Audi A3 Sedan since 2014. Never once did I become frustrated or disappointed when it did not happen. I just knew it would happen.

What actually did happen, astounded me.

In April 2017, I bought a brand new Audi A3 Sedan. Not second hand … brand new. The latest model straight from the factory. I got so much more than I had dreamt of. It didn’t even cross my mind to order a brand new Audi at double the price, yet I got exactly that.

This taught me to never underestimate the power of the Universe. Never worry about how or when things will materialise. If you visualise something long enough … put in the required work … and never loose your faith, your dream WILL come true.

I had been visualising that car for three years … and when I finally got it, I got so much more than I ever imagined was possible.

What a moment.

How amazing is that?

Can you imagine how I felt when I saw my car?

This is an actual photo of my new car exactly as I first saw it. They didn’t have this car on the floor, so I didn’t even see it before that day. I had to pull the cover off myself to expose my new car. Can you imagine my sense of achievement after I had been visualising this car for three years?

It was like magic.

Order #3: I am a published author.

I had written numerous manuscripts up to that stage, but that’s all they were … manuscripts. They were rough and crude. Nowhere near publication standard. The moment I put out my order to the Universe to be a published author … and I reinforced that order every afternoon … I realised that I had to put in daily steps towards achieving that goal. It was never going to happen by itself.

Just like there was a dedicated time to work on my architectural projects and a time to exercise and a time to manifest, there had to be a dedicated time for writing. That’s what I did. I dedicated a certain time of each day for working on my books. I just kept chipping away every day … one little step forward every day. When the book was done, I edited it from the start to the end. Again and again. I refined that book for many months, even though I was anxious to get it out there. I kept on polishing it until I was happy with the final product.

The next step was to send my book away for professional editing, cover design and all the exhaustive steps required to get a book published. The big day finally came in late 2016 when I held my published book in my hands for the first time. It was like holding your new born baby for the first time. Something I had been working on for so long, had finally materialised. What a fantastic moment.

I had been visualising that moment for more than two years. I had been reinforcing my order to the Universe every afternoon. Never losing faith. Until that goosebump moment when I held the book in my hands. Again, I was surprised by the quality of the final product, which exceeded all expectations.

I was a published author.

I am a published author.

In all three of the above cases, I always got more than I had visualised. In each case, I got more or better than the actual order I had put out into to the Universe. It is notable how long some of these orders to the Universe took to materialise, but – when they did materialise – the result was spectacular. There is a lesson here. The lesson is that you cannot put a timeframe to achieving your goals. Just know you will achieve the goal when the time is right … if you do not become discouraged and impatient.

There were other orders to the Universe. All, but one, have materialized. The other one will too, when the time is right.

I asked for true and good quality friends. Exactly as I ordered, they slowly emerged and came into my life. Good and solid people who were there to stay. People who I am proud to call my friends … unlike the type with whom I had associated myself in the years before.

I also asked that I would attract my dream woman to me. Well, she has not yet arrived, but the three relationships I have had since 2014 were all with very high quality women. Women who would not just date anyone. These were women I would never have been able to date before 2014, because I was not on their level yet. The action I took in this regard, was to be content being single … and to stop dating just anyone for the sake of dating someone. I resolved that when I dated, it had to be someone with whom I really could see a future. I constantly worked on myself … bettering myself in every way … growing and polishing myself to become the man who my dream woman would be attracted to. I became very careful of with whom I associated myself with and on who I spent my time and energy. I became selfish with myself. I only gave my time and energy to women I really knew fitted the profile of my dream woman.

The beautiful thing was how I realised that I have grown as a person, as I dated each of these three women. I realised I had grown in stature. I had become someone who these high class women admired and loved deeply. Each one was better than the previous one. I am building up to the moment when I finally meet the perfect one for me. There is no timeframe. It will happen when we are ready to receive each other … when we are on the same frequency. We are finding our way to each other. I have been asking for this order from the Universe since 2014 and I can see in the type of women I am attracting into my life that I am getting closer and closer to the one I have been dreaming of.

Gone are the days where I allowed low character women into my life. The last woman I dated, in particular, was as close to perfect for me as is possible. This is how I know that my dream woman is close … very close. I am very excited every single day in anticipation of her arrival.

In 2014, I began to ask to be a successful blogger. I did nothing, but think about it. Yet, the blogging request remained on my wishlist day after day … year after year. I knew I wanted to do it, but I just didn’t feel the spark to actually get it off the ground. Then, suddenly, in May 2020 – while on lockdown due to the CoVid-19 pandemic – I suddenly found that spark in me. It suddenly jumped out at me and made me aware that the time is now. It happened so quickly … after six years on my wishlist. As I am writing this, I can now say that I have also achieved this goal. I am a blogger. Next will be to become a successful vlogger.

Another aspect of my life which has become magical is my career. I have been asking the Universe for high quality clients and projects since 2014 … and that is what I am getting. If I compare my client and project base now with that of 2014, I am astounded to realise how I have climbed the ladder. I am always in demand and always fully booked. I only get very good clients and projects. I am simply functioning on a different frequency in every facet of my life. Why? Because I have changed who I am. I have grown in every possible way.

See, it serves no purpose to ask for bigger and better things and then not be willing to grow and better yourself into a person worthy of those bigger and better things.

You attract what you are.


My life has become truly magical. As I receive the orders placed to the Universe one by one, I replace them with new orders or new goals.

One of my biggest dreams was to finally complete my degree in architecture. I always put it off, because I felt too ashamed to go back to university and share a class with twenty-one year olds. Yet, this dream remained on my daily order list to the Universe … for six long years. Now let me tell you something magical:

I was hard at work one day in late 2019, when I suddenly received the awareness (out of nowhere) that I must apply for the completion of my degree at university. I stopped what I was doing and came into contact with the university. I received an email back from a lecturer in the architectural school on that very same day. He urged me to submit my online application before midnight on that same day if I wanted to be considered for the 2020 student intake. I ignored all thoughts of embarrassment and completed my online application then and there.

The bottom line was, that I got the awareness to contact the university on the very same day that the applications closed. How magical is that? On that very same day! If I waited another day, I would have missed the deadline for the 2020 intake and I would probably have put it off forever.

I was accepted. I was registered as a fulltime student in February 2020. At first, I was beyond nervous and filled with embarrassment at the thought of walking into a class filled with twenty-odd year olds. I am a fifty-four year old man. However, I did it. After two weeks, I was accepted by all the other students and I simply became one of them. Six months later and I am loving each lecture and my marks are excellent. Had this not been on my wishlist ever since 2014, I would not have registered as a full-time student this year. I am now only six months away from holding my degree in my hands.

See how important it is to never let go of that elusive goal? Things will happen when the time is right. Doors will open … you will meet the right people … you will feel the urge to do something. As if by magic that goal will materialise.


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  1. Your honesty , humor and ability to express gratitude during what appears to be distressing times is Truly inspiring and refreshing.

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